Group Size
  • Hours of Cruising: 6 Hours

  • Rack Rate: Tk. 9,78,000/day

  • Introductory Rate: Tk. 7,80,000/day

Group Size
  • Hours of Cruising: 6 Hours

  • Rack Rate: Tk. 8,15,000/day

  • Introductory Rate: Tk. 6,40,000/day

Group Size
  • Hours of Cruising: 6 Hours

  • Rack Rate: Tk. 7,94,000/day

  • Introductory Rate: Tk. 6,90,000/day

  • Full charter for day cruises
  • Full charter for overnight trips
  • Announced Tours

Notes :

  • For 6 Hour cruises, we serve 2 snacks (if guests board before 9:30am we provide breakfast instead of snack and one meal.
  • During day cruises, guests will have access to 10 spacious Deluxe rooms having attached bathroom. Each rooms has a TV and PABX for the comfort and convenience of guests.
  • M V Flamingo is also available for conferences. Multimedia and other items may be billed separately.
  • Senior guides will attend to the tour
Details Group of 50 Group of 40 Group of 30 Group of 20
Rack Rate 6,84,600/day 6,64,600/day 6,44,400/day 6,24,000/day
Intro. rate 5,84,600/day 5,64,000/day 5,64,000/day 5,54,000/day


  • Price includes all meals during cruise period. 3 Meals and one afternoon snack will be served.
  • Unlimited tea/coffee on board.
  • Head of Guiding services and one logistic manager will attend to the tour
  • The vessel will move for 10 hours max/day. During stationery hours, other than navigational equipment all other things will remain operational (a/c, tv, refrigerator etc)
Room Category Rack Rate: USD Rack Rate: BDT
Superior Deluxe Room (2 Pax) USD 600/night BDT 48,000/night
Deluxe Room (2 Pax) USD 550/night BDT 44,000/night
Double Bunk Bed Cabin (4 Pax) USD 800/night BDT 64,000/night
Twin Bunk Bed Cabin (2 Pax) USD 400/night BDT 32,000/night
Superior Deluxe Room (2 Pax) BDT 40,000/night
Deluxe Room (2 Pax) BDT 35,000/night
Double Bunk Bed Cabin (4 Pax) BDT 48,000/night
Twin Bunk Bed Cabin (2 Pax) BDT 24,000/night

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