For the first time ever, combining the luxury of the 5-star with the bliss of the water cruise, providing a never before experienced delight, Reggae Entertainment & Tourism Ltd. brings you the first and the only “Flotel” in Bangaldesh, THE FLAMINGO. With its sublime design and every possible decedent amenities available on board, it is more than just a cruise, more than just a trip, it is a place of memories. From the sea beach deck to the five star dining hall, FLAMINGO is a vacation place on its own. If you are not basking in the breath taking beauty of Bangladesh water sides while indulging yourself in the world class amenities that we provide on deck, you will be infallibly ecstatic by enjoying the five star facilities that we provide inside our Flotel. From corporate gathering, to personal parties, to family vacations and any and all ceremonies, FLAMINGO gives you an unparallel experience never before thought of as possible in our country. So why wait? Come cruise with us and let us make your celebration into a memory.
As a deluxe river cruise, MV Flamingo offers amenities no other river cruises in Bangladesh provides. With its fine decor and warm services, Flamingo provides a “home away from home” and at the same time, a unique experience. Featuring the first-ever sundeck with an artificially manicured lawn and palm trees, spa and food and beverage services, Flamingo stands one of a kind. The in-cabin entertainment system ensures that there shall never be a dull moment for the guests aboard Flamingo.

Onboard Flamingo no details, however big or small, are overlooked. Even the minutest aspect of each voyage will be carefully considered. Every amenity and luxurious nuance will be delivered to ensure that the cruise experience resonates. Guests cruising with Flamingo will enjoy a most exclusive experience. Flamingo shall offer two variations of accommodations all featuring butler services as well as concierge style amenities and much more.

Catering to discerning guests, Flamingo’s cabins are larger than on any other cruises in Bangladesh, and more elegantly appointed. Of the two types of accommodations available, the 10 super deluxe rooms are situated at the perimeter of the second deck. These fully air-conditioned spacious rooms come with a latest flat screen TV, tea and coffee maker and internet connections. These cabins would be furnished with a reading chair and full height cabinet and a slick Queen Size bed with imported mattress to ensure highest levels of comfort for our guests. These rooms will also have provisions for two extra bunk beds, should our guests chose such an accommodation system. Attached with the super deluxe cabins is what is the most luxurious of any river cruise bathrooms in Bangladesh featuring glassed-in showers, aromatic toiletries and fresh cotton towels. The decor of these cabins would also be elegant with modern and slick minimalistic approach and large paintings. The clear glass windows of the super deluxe rooms make for spectacular view of the shores of the beautiful rivers crisscrossing all across Bangladesh, be that at night or at day; peaceful and tranquil. The rest of the 10 smaller deluxe cabins situated at the centre of the second deck will also be fully air-conditioned. While these cabins do not come with attached bathrooms, the decor and services of the rooms will be equally elegant and warm. There will be two bunk beds, each single, in each deluxe room also furnished by imported mattresses. Hanging cabinets and reading lamps will be provided for the guest’s comfort. Impeccably decorated and furnished common toilets and shower rooms will be available at the end of the deck on either side.
Each meal onboard Flamingo promises to be a voyage on to itself. The large, fully air conditioned Banquet hall on the first deck will be able to accommodate 144 people at a time comfortably. The glass panels on the sides of the hall will let natural light seep into the large room creating beautiful effects. The decor of the hall will be natural and posh at the same time, with chic wooden style floor and real indoor plants all around. The banquet hall menu will offer an array of native and exotic food as well as a delicious and scrumptious buffet for lunch and dinner. The breakfast lounge on the second deck will also offer a great buffet on a lounge style seating arrangement. It will also offer a ready to order menu for those with a selective and more passionate palate.

The second deck houses the deluxe and super deluxe cabins of the ship. Each cabin comes with a flat screen TV, which, like the TVs in the gym or the VIP lounge can periodically run your advertisements or brand logo. The Super Deluxe cabins are again a place for the upper echelon of the society who will see your logo ever so often while relaxing at their own time. The Deluxe cabins can be afforded by a range of social groups, which gives your brand an even larger exposure. The elegantly decorated breakfast lounge on the second floor shall also have a large flat screen TV, offering the same branding opportunities as mentioned before. A large portion of the guests is expected to spend a considerable amount of time there during breakfast as well as other times, as it will also be an open lounge. One of the walls of the lounge can again adorn the theme and/or colour of your brand as well as your framed logo.
The arched Mocktail bar and BBQ counter on the top deck is chic and modish, offering a range of refreshing beverages and delectable finger food to the patrons. The decor of the bar can be done in the colours of your brand. The name plaque of the bar can also don the same colours as well as the logo of your brand at a corner. Patrons enjoying a slow and relaxed time on the top deck is expected to frequently visit the bar taking in your brand each time they do so.

  • Fully air conditioned, 33.53m long and 9.76m wide vessel.
  • Total 21 Cabins of various types.
  • 10 spacious Deluxe rooms having attached bathroom. Each Deluxe rooms has a TV for the comfort and convenience of guests.
  • 02 family rooms with bunk beds. which accommodates 04 guests.
  • 09 standard bunk beds cabins for two persons.
  • MV FLAMINGO is equipped with generating standby electricity.
  • Vessel is protected by CCTV cameras besides on board armed security personnel.
  • Conference cum Lounge cum Dining Room is commodious with Four attached wash rooms
  • Vessel has accommodation for 50 people max for overnight cruises and 300 max for day cruises.
  • Five cold storage chambers have been built on board to carry and preserve food items without dislocation for long cruises lasting several days.
  • An intercom system has been installed in the vessel for the convenience of the guest.
  • There is a public address system on board so that the Captain/tour guide can regularly inform guests about sites and events from the bridge deck.
  • Total Capacity of Ship- 46 People ( sleeper). In Day long Tour Maximum 250 People Capacity.
All operating crew have 1st/2nd class certification. Both the Master and the Driver hold 1st class certification and have long experience of operating on our river ways including the Sundarban.

We have windsurfing equipment on board available to our guests. Charges apply.There is a life jacket for every person on board besides inflatable life boats.

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