The hill tracts are comprised of three districts: Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari. They are primarily populated by people from different indigenous groups. Most of the hill tracts is hilly. Even though the heights of these hills are not much, it is very different from the rest of the flat country. Bandarban has been the most beautiful tourist destination of Bangladesh in recent years. Nature has adorned this region with its magnificent and splendid green ornaments. Beauty is scattered everywhere of Bandarban in magnanimous mood. One will find the virgin beauty of Bandarban on every step he or she advances. Nature is extravagant here. Behind the name of Bandarban there is an overwhelming story. Long time ago this district was a great natural habitat for monkeys and it was crisscrossed by numerous canals (jhiri). Monkeys used to collect fruits from forests on the other side of the canal and cross it. After eating and collection of fruits, they returned in the same way as a group. When they crossed canals it looked like a dam from a distance. It caught the sight of local Marma community and they termed it as Magci. Here Mag means monkeys and Ci means dam. Gradually it has been transformed in the local dialect Bandarbon. With the passage of time it has undergone a phonetic change and now it is Bandarban

Bandarban-hill-tract Visiting Area DURATIONS
To Area / period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
Bandarban by Bus/Jeep Hills, Temple, Waterfall, Trekking & Tribal life 17,500tk 12,000tk 11,000tk 10,500tk 9,500tk 9,000tk 8,000tk 3 D/3 N
Bandarban by a/c Bus/Jeep Hills, Temple, Waterfall, Trekking & Tribal life 20,000tk 13,000tk 12,000tk 11,000tk 10,000tk 9,000tk 8,000tk 2 D/1 N
Bandarban by Train / Bus / Car Hills, Temple, Waterfall, Trekking & Tribal life 25,500tk 17,000tk 15,000tk 13,000tk 12,000tk 11,000tk 10,000tk 3 D/3 N
Bandarban by Air/Car/Jeep Trekking, Bogalake, Keokradong, Waterfall, Temple & Tribal life 42,000tk 29,000tk 25,000tk 23,000tk 21,000tk 20,000tk 19,000tk 3 D/2 N
Bandarban by a/c Bus/Jeep Trekking, Bogalake, Keokradong, Waterfall & Tribal life 32,000tk 20,000tk 16,000tk 15,000tk 14,000tk 13,000tk 12,000tk 3 D/4 N
Bandarban by Air/Car/Jeep Trekking, Bogalake, Keokradong, Waterfall, Tajindong, Thanchi & Tribal life 62,000tk 36,000tk 30,000tk 28,000tk 25,000tk 23,000tk 22,000tk 6 D/5 N
Bandarban by a/c Bus/Jeep Trekking, Bogalake, Keokradong, Waterfall, Tajindong, Thanchi & Tribal life 45,000tk 25,000tk 21,000tk 19,000tk 17,000tk 15,000tk 14,000tk 6 D/6 N
Bandarban & Rangamati Trekking, Bogalake, Keokradong, Waterfall, Kaptai Lake Cruise & Buddhist Monastery 45,000tk 25,000tk 20,000tk 19,000tk 18,000tk 16,000tk 15,000tk 5 D/5 N

There are several public bus companies operating the service directly between Dhaka and Bandarban. But most of these companies have non air conditioned bus. The other options to go to Bandarban includes taking a train to Chittagong or fly to Chittagong or take an air conditioned bus to Chittagong and from there transfer to Bandarban. It is around 2-3 hours drive from Chittagong to Bandarban.
All foreign nationals travelling to Bandarban are required to obtain a official permission prior to entering the Bandarban town. This permission is obtained from the District Commissioner’s office at Bandarban. We, PathFriend Tour Operator take care of the necessary paper work for the foreign guests staying at Bandarban for a charge of BDT 500/person for their permission.
All the tourists travelling to the Bandarban are requested to respect the local tradition and social rules at all time. They are also requested to take permission before taking any photographs of the local indigenous people. The entire hill tracts region is prone to malaria and all the guests are strongly advised to wear full sleeve clothes and to use insect repellent lotion especially during the evening and early morning. During the monsoon season leaches are commonly seen in the area and the guests are advised to wear proper footwear and to use socks to help avoid their bite.
  • Transportation.
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis in Parjatan Hotel/Guest House.
  • All meals from (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner)
  • All applicable entry fees
  • Experiences Guide
  • Drinks both hard and soft.
  • Items of personal nature and items not mentioned above.

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